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"I find being able to cross my legs an accomplishment.” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)

(via annafightingana)

and i could fit a fist in the gap between my thighs
but i couldn’t feel beautiful so i assumed maybe
i was doing skinny wrong, more collarbones more coffee
less control over what was killing me

thank god for every food that broke my fast
even though i cursed its poor existence and
tried to puke it, thank god for every crumb and
calorie that kept me living

thank god for recovery, for hair that shines
like the setting sun, for fingernails that don’t
flake off, for hipbones that don’t bruise just by
looking at them, for hands that are strong enough
to hold onto the ones i love instead of
shaking so hard that they cannot write
a poem, thank god for the people who saw me at
my worst, for the boy who stood next to me in the shower
when my knees hit the ground and i sobbed for an hour,
thank god for the girl who kept sending me text
messages about how good being healthy is
until i finally believed them, thank god for
the love spilling out like liquor over these bones
until i finally got better, so yes

my tummy is round now like
a smooth hill and my thighs kiss each other
like a desperate couple and my arms are puffed up
with pride

and i fucking love it
because i am alive.

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